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We at the COHS are dedicated to serving our members and customers in the best way we possibly can. We work very hard to insure our mission and customer satisfaction are consistently met. When you call or communicate with us, let us know how we're doing.

The Vision of the C&O Historical Society is to use its material and faclilties to entertain and educate the public as well as serve our members. We wish to tell the complete story of both the C&O as well as the American railroad experience and bring it to life in a way that no other organization is doing currently.

We plan to continue pursuing a higher level of effectiveness with a focus on creating a healthy, thriving operation, both in terms of service, finances, and membership:


Open to all. Approximately 2,500 members in 50 states, 7 foreign countries. Membership information available at


Volunteer Board of Directors elected from the membership.



This is believed to be one of the largest collections pertaining to the technological development of a single railroad institutionally held in the United States.


We do our own graphics design and publishing layout in house, guaranteeing our quality standards are met with each and every product produced. Our published products include

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Afghans, wearables, gift and memorabilia items of all types. Specially decorated models using C&O prototype. Reproduction china, glassware, and other artifacts.

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